Swapping in a Voltmeter for your old Boost gauge

After upgrading your Supra a lot of people like to replace the stock (and now inadequate) boost gauge with the factory voltmeter used in the NA Supras. The physical installation is pretty straight forward but there are a couple small tricks to the install.

First off there is a small white box on the back of the turbo clusters. This box you will see is wired to the back of the Boost gauge and is used only for this purpose. Removing the boost gauge means you can also remove this small box and the 4 wires that come from it.

Also, there is a small jumper you have to install to connect the positive side of the meter. The picture below will show you the jumper that needs to be created. I just used a couple of crimp connectors and a short 18 gauge wire.

Back of the cluster after the Voltmeter is installed:

Click for a larger version

Front side of the cluster after install:

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Last updated: Oct 22, 2003