Comparison of the MA70/7M-GTE and JZA70/1JZ-GTE Tachs

This page is a brief list of differences between the 1JZ-GTE tachometer and the 7M-GTE one. Other than the difference in redline, most people till now have surmised the tachs are functionally identical. It appears though that the 1J tach is slightly different in other ways.

The pictures on this page are huge so that you can see the components in more detail. My apologies to the dial-up people.

7M-GTE Tachometer (1988 version):

1JZ-GTE Tachometer:

The extra circuit board on the 1JZ tach is for the Low Oil light in the JDM cars. Otherwise the two units seem to be generally the same... until we compare components.

Tach components (original image thanks to Dr. Jonezz):

Comparison of tach components
#7M-GE (1987)7M-GTE (1988)1JZ-GTE (1992)
C1??0.1+ 35F0.1+ 35F
C2??472 50K NCC472 50K NCC
C347uF 10V47uF 10V47uF 10V
C4??33uF 25V33uF 25V
IC1??Toshiba 8806K T2685AToshiba 9214K T2685A

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