I am putting this page up so those interested can keep track of the progress of my 1JZ swap. I am trying to fit in as much time on it as work will allow which these days means only a few hours a week.

Enjoy... and I'll try to update this as often as possible. See the bottom of the page for the list of what's left to do. The page is newest to oldest for the people who come here regularly... if you want to read it all in order... start from the bottom and scroll up!

As I was initially creating this page my MP3 player decided to get in on the spirit and choose a song appropriate for the occasion. Europe - Final Countdown

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Sat Feb 28, 2004
- New lower control arm bolts and camber adjustments are in
- Intake manifold will go out for coating next week
- New front end parts are mostly here now so I can start on that now
Mon Feb 23, 2004
Well, I'm back. Mid Dec I decided that I was just so tired of this project that I needed
an extended break from it. Originally I was going to just wait until sometime in January
but as time passed I realized that I wasn't coming back to the project until I was very
ready to do so. So here we go again - progress will be slow due to time and financial
contraints but there will be progress. Thanks to everyone who is still following along.

- - - - Insert well needed break here - - - -

Mon Dec 15, 2003
- Engine harness removed again to be cleaned up
- Removed the throttle body, intake manifold and coolant elbow to have them coated.
- Gotta get some new lower control arm bolts and camber plates ordered up.
Mon Dec 8, 2003
- Walbro Fuel Pump installed
- Lower control arm bushings pressed in - waiting on grease fittings
- Received black carpet, new shift knob, etc.
Fri Nov 21, 2003 - Progress picture
- Whoo hoo! Time to get moving again...
- 1 complete set of Nylon bushings arrived today... installation starts Monday
Thurs Oct 23, 2003
- Engine is back in the car on the new subframe... finally sitting in the right position
- Still have to put the front suspension back in once I solve the bushings issue
Tues Oct 21, 2003
- Old lower front control arm bolts were seized tight
   Going to need new bushings and bolts... prob will go nylon
Thurs Oct 9, 2003
- New Subframe cleaned up... ground off the rust and a quick layer of paint added
- JDM rain guards came in... ooooh ahhhh... a little bit of bling
Fri Oct 3, 2003
- Picked up the subframe and a black climate control today
   Subframe will need some clean up (surface rust) but it's structurally excellent
Mon Sept 14, 2003
- Another week drifts by
- Intercooler arrived last Thurs... it's gorgeous: Picture
- Engine mounting problem.. poly mounts don't work as advertised
   with the poly mounts and the 88 subframe the engine sits 1 1/4" too high
   going to require a 89+ subframe to fix this... already sourced one.
Wed Sept 10, 2003
- Just some pretty pictures for the curious...
   Click here for the latest pictures
Fri Sept 5, 2003
- Intercooler arrives! (sorta..)
   Got a call from BAX Global that it is sitting in customs in Toronto
   Should be at my door Monday or Tues.
Thurs Sept 4, 2003
- Power Steering pump reinstalled
- Engine dropped into the car
- Trans re-installed
- Drive shaft re-installed
- Shifter re-installed
Tues Sept 2, 2003
- 7M Oil pressure sensor mounted
- Exhaust manifold hole plugged (someone drilled it and welded on a nut years ago??)
- Stripped rear turbo bolt replaced - drilled and tapped larger
- Waiting for an O2 sensor that fits
- STILL waiting for my Intercooler... don't ship BAX Global
Wed Aug 20, 2003
- Welded oil return Y fitting came back today... installed
- Put the 1 1/4" nylon loom hose on the engine harness
- Test fit of the Koyo Rad
- Played with the power steering lines
- Discovered the turbo kit intake piping won't fit without cutting the body...
     not acceptable to me so I'll be making new intake pipes.
- Removed the stock fender IC pipe and catch can mounts
- Had some time so I detailed the engine bay thoroughly (4 hrs)
- Painted two heat shields
- Worked on a mounting scheme for the E01
Thurs Aug 14, 2003 - Progress picture
- Reassembled the gauges with the 1JZ tach and a battery gauge
- Mounted the fuel pressure regulator and braided return line
- Test fit of new wiring harness - too long
- Found Blitz Twin Turbo IC kit in Japan.. COOL but... another 2 week delay.
- 4:13pm - BLACKOUT - whammo... work stops.
Wed Aug 13, 2003
- Finished a rough cleaning of the engine bay
- Still waiting on the welding for the oil return Y fitting
- Last of the fittings arrives via courier from Dr.J!
- 7M and 1J AC Compressors hybrided together and back in the car
- Tried to find old P/S leak with no luck
- New P/S line made
- Modified the subframe slots
Tues Aug 12, 2003
- Sourced 1 1/4" nylon looming hose - thanks Vic!
- Finished merging the two tachs
Mon Aug 11, 2003
- Started tach swap... not as straight-forward as I expected
     I have to hybrid my tach and the JDM 1J tach together
- Removed Speed Cut bypass module from the harness wiring
- Repaired the harness damage from the above installation
- Put battery gauge into the dash cluster
Sat Aug 09, 2003
- Picked up more fittings from Mike A
- Picked up some great gasket material from Andrew
- Did a final wrap on the extension harness
Thurs Aug 07, 2003
- Last Earl's fitting sourced... will be here next week! Thanks Adam!
Wednesday Aug 06, 2003
- Work begins again - 2 of 3 fittings sourced (Thanks Mike A)
- Missing downpipe gasket fabricated
- Harness re-wrapped - can't find 1 1/4" loom tubing though
- Assembled fuel pressure regulator / gauge combo
- Finish making new braided oil lines for the turbos
Friday Aug 01, 2003
- Car accident in the Probe today... going to delay me for a few days at least
Wednesday July 30, 2003
- Missing bolts finished up on second downpipe
- Have to wait for a couple fittings before I can finish up the engine... bah
Tuesday July 29, 2003 - Progress picture
- Second exhaust manifold and wastegate installed
- Second turbo installed
- Both downpipes installed (save for 4 missing bolts I have to buy)
- Injector wiring completed (added 7M resistor pack for new 550 injectors)
- 2 (of 4) AN fittings installed on the turbos for oil lines
- 1 AN fitting installed on the fuel rail feed
- Fuel pressure regulator arrived
- 80% of the other AN fittings arrived - big bill... ugh
Monday July 28, 2003 - Progress picture
- Put the top back on the second wastegate
- First exhaust manifold and wastegate installed on engine
- First (front) turbo installed
- Found motor mount problem... will have to widen the subframe slots slightly
Friday July 25, 2003
- Second wastegate rebuilt but not closed up yet Click here for details
Wednesday July 23, 2003
- Second wastegate diaphragm arrives from Japan
- Picked up electric fans
Everything up to July 23, 2003
- Too much to mention... In a nutshell there has been a year of buying parts,
building, and doing a lot of learning to come to this point. The engine is done...
most of the remaining parts are here... and now you get to see the final assembly.
Here is a short list of what has happened so far:

- 1992 1JZ-GTE Supra R halfcut imported
- Stock 7M-GTE engine removed and sold
- Stock '88 rear subframe swapped for '92 with 4.10 Torsen diff
- '88 grey leather seats removed
- 1JZ engine disassembled, checked, and rebuilt with new gaskets
- Used Blitz Twin turbo kit bought and fully rebuilt and coated
- TON of other parts purchased
Pending... (a rough list generally in the right order)
- Install Greddy Intercooler and piping
- Put in new wiring harnesses
- Install intake piping and filter
- Install Koyo rad
- Install electric fans and wire the temp sensor
- Install guages
- Install Profec E01
- Turn the key
- Exhaust fabrication and install
- Tune the car on the dyno
- Install the new Recaro interior
- Install new steering wheel
- Install stereo (Clarion AutoPC)
- Buy rubber for the new 9" rear rims
- Drive drive drive