Well, here it is... my Supra... this page is just slapped up quickly for those who are curious. This winter I will probably put up a detailed page showing the progress of my conversion.

My Supra is an 88 Turbo Targa with a grey interior. It rolled off the line fully loaded except for the Super Monitor system, factory alarm, and keyless entry. This car started it's life as an Avis rental car (I know... it hurt when I found out too).. then proceeded through two other owners before it found it's way into my hands.

I am currently collecting parts for a complete rebuild this winter (Nov 2002 - Apr 2003). Last summer (2001) I took the Bridgestone Racing School's Wheel to Wheel Racing course and picked up my SCCA and CASC qualifications. With that in mind the car is being set up for track / street use... mostly lapping days and Solo 1/2 events. Thanks to everyone who has helped me find various items over the last few months and let me leech Supra information from them!

Other than the wheels I did this summer (17x8 Konig Villains with 245/40R17 Michellin Pilot Sport tires) the car is mostly stock at the moment. The car has also been repainted a custom cherry red colour by the previous owner (thanks Joerg! aka previous owner). I love the colour and when I have paint cleaned up next spring it'll stay this colour. As for modifications, I figured I would do as many of the upgrades as possible in one shot this winter. At the bottom of this page I will include a tentative list of some the parts I will be using in the rebuild.

If you have any questions please feel free to email.

The first three pictures are of the car as it stands right now... unlowered.
I have put the car on the track a few times this summer in it's current form and
for a heavy car on big squishy GT suspension it didn't handle too badly. Very
tail-happy but that will be easy to correct. First day at the track spelled
the end of the stock size all-season radials it came with though :) Hence the new
tires and rims you see here.

This is the car pretty much how it will look after the new suspension is in... I lowered a side shot of the car in PaintShop.

This is a preview of the custom headlights I am building... no they don't exist yet... another Paintshop fake picture. They will be fully functional. I have completed the design and now I just need to find a good machinist. If this works well I may offer it as a "kit" to other Supra owners.

A preview of front duct design and yes.. another Paintshop fake.
As much as I love the look of the Group A duct I think I will go this
route so I can keep my front plate where it is. (required here in Ontario)
Note: the front opening is also widened using 89+ corner lenses vs. the 88s
I didn't realize how "off" the red colours were on these shots. Above shots were taken
with a different dig camera and the reds look totally different... but it IS the same car.
Niether red is accurate... it's really somewhere in the middle.

Dec 14, 2002 - The clip is in Canada now and is almost entirely stripped.
For those who are curious here is a link to a few pictures of the clip, etc. Be warned...
there are 44 pictures... 1600x1200 in size... 16 meg total. High speed is strongly suggested.
My unending thanks to Adam (DrJonezzz) for finding me a place to store it before it came over
the border and for taking these pictures.

** This page is now out of date... for more information please refer to my main Supra page below.

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