Ok... I have a rare engine... where do I get parts in North America???

I have seen many people asking one of two questions:
A. Where can I get parts for my 1JZ?

B. What parts are interchangable between the 1JZ and the 7M or 2JZ?

I have posted the following list a couple of times on various forums but I figured I should finally post it someplace permanent. So here you go... this is what is interchangable between the 3 engines... the 7M, the 1JZ-GTE, and the 2JZ-GTE. Also below I have added where you can source a few of the other common parts for the 1JZ engine. Anyone who sees errors or has additions please contact me and I will keep this list up to date.

Common parts between the 7M and 1JZ
- Clutch kits (but not flywheel)
- Cat back Exhausts
- 89+ motor mounts (rubber part)
- Anything trans (R154) related
- Anything gauge related
- Rad (if you're not using the 1J hydro fan setup)
- Driveshaft/Diff

Common parts between the 2JZ and 1JZ
- Power steering pump
- Alternator
- Spark plugs (ngk 3330 and 6097)
- US spec 550cc injectors (resistor pack needed)
- JDM Spec 440cc injectors (drop in upgrade)
- Water Pump (requires removal of the 1J hydro fan and a 2J pulley)
- Head gasket (although most other gaskets do not swap, get a 1J set to do it right)
- Clutch fan (if you use a MKIV water pump and pulley)
- Serpentine belt (but NOT timing belt - see below)
- Oil filter and relocation kits
- Intercooler kits
- Plug coils
- Cam gears (incl aftermarket adjustable)
- JDM 2JZ Map sensor
- Ignitor

For a 1JZ timing belt:
The 1988+ Isuzu Trooper 4 cylinder 2.6 liter engine (4ZEL) uses the same belt as the Toyota 1JZ engine. So instead of getting a belt from Japan (~$100) you can pick up an Isuzu Trooper belt locally at an auto parts store for about $30 US. Make Sure You Get The 4 Cylinder 2.6 Litre Engine Belt!

Timing belt specs: 137 teeth, 25mm wide

For an aftermarket flywheel:
Order a 7M fly but have the 2J bolt pattern drilled into it.

Very general rule of thumb:
From the Clutch/Trans back it's a regular MKIII Supra (save for the Torsen diffs) From the FlyWheel/Bellhousing forward, it's 70% 1J / 30% 2J parts.

If it's not on the above lists... assume the part to be unique to the 1JZ. If you find a 1JZ part that is interchangable, or can be sourced elsewhere and is not on this list please contact me and I will add the information to this page.

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Last updated: Dec 16, 2003