Update: July 2007 - ... The world's longest build begins again. A couple years ago this entire project unfortunately had to be put away to deal with some other priorities. I found a nice heated storage place, piled it all in there (and my basement) and I somewhat left the Supra community outside of the local scene. Well it's time to get back at it and finish what I started. I don't know how often, or even if, I'll update this page with much new (aside from keeping the parts list current) but for those who were curious as to where I went, well... it's on again. I have started picking up the last of the pieces at a fevered pace and am hoping to get some shop time in this winter. One day it'll run. We now return you to our horribly outdated content.

This page is just to serve as a central "jumping off point" for my misc other Supra pages. One day I may make these pages look a little nicer, but I spend enough time doing pages for clients so when it comes to my own stuff... this is as pretty as it gets for now

For those of you who are new to my little "project"... I am in the process of building a 1JZ transplanted '88 Supra for summer driving and hobby road course use. Hopefully you will find something of interest on these pages and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions you can find various methods of contacting me at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!   - Steve

General project overview:
1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo 2.5L engine
3.0L 2JZ block for a "1.5JZ" hybrid
Pauter Rods, Forged Pistons, Titanium hardware
Blitz twin KKK-K26 turbo kit
Twin external 38mm Blitz Wastegates
HKS 264 cams w/ AEM Cam gears
800cc side feed injectors, AEM AFPR, Bosch fuel pump
Poly engine mounts, Baffled oil pan
24x12x3.5" FMIC, 6x9" Oil cooler, 3x6" PS cooler
Mandrel Anodized Aluminum hard pipes, HKS BOV
Koyo Rad / Flex-a-lite twin electric fans
Greddy eManage Ultimate and Profec E01
Greddy Auto TT, Innovate LC-1 Wideband
SPA Technique Gauges (Boost, EGT, Water, Oil)
OS Giken twin plate (sprung) clutch & chromoly flywheel
Braided Clutch line, JK Short Throw Shifter (v2)
Torsen LS differential, 3.73 gearset, CFX Traction bars
Upgraded Front and Rear subframes (89+)
Full 6/6 Nylon bushing kit w/ grease fittings
JIC FLT-A2 Coilovers, Custom Adapted Tein EDFC
Whiteline Adjustable F/R sway bars (metal end links)
Front custom tri-bar, JIC front subframe brace
Twin downpipes, 3" SS exhaust, SS Cat, Magnaflow
Wilwood Forged Billet Superlite (4 x 1.75") Front Calipers
Wilwood Forged Dynalite (4 x 1" piston) Rear Calipers
Rotors: Coleman 13" F, Coleman 12.81" R (Cryo, Zinc)
Earl's DOT SS brake lines, ABS off switch
Custom twin front bumper intakes / hood vent
Custom 4-point Chromoly cage and 6-pt harnesses
'92 Supra R Recaro interior w/ Momo 'Race' Wheel
Lotek dual pod, Pioneer AVIC-N4
Konig Villain Rims (17x9 Front, 17x9 Rear)
Michelin Pilot Sport Tires (255x45, 275x40)
...and a complete nose to tail mechanical rebuild.

My goal: about 500hp at the wheels. This setup is easily capable of that (with a little more fuel over the 550cc's) and it's tons of power for what I'll be doing with the car.
Misc. stuff:

Tons of pictures can be found here:
Old pics page: www.autosoftsys.com/supra/pics/
    (hasn't been updated in a LONG time)

FTP site 1: Primary FTP Site
    (do not link to the FTP sites... the IP changes)

FTP site 2: Secondary FTP Site

These two still work though.
Build pics 1: Sept 12, 2004

Build pics 2: Oct 6, 2004

My various 'tech-ish' articles:
1. Fabricating an ECU extension harness for the 1JZ
2. How to rebuild a wastegate
3. Comparison of the 1JZ-GTE vs. 7M-GTE tachometer
4. Replacing the stock boost gauge with a voltmeter
5. Where do I get parts for a 1JZ?
6. How to identify "1st and 2nd" style 1JZ's


I have been learning a lot while doing this project and MANY people have had to put up with my ignorance along the way. A public thanks to Adam (DrJonezz), Fraser, Eric (Toypro), Tyler & Jerry at Gump Motorsports, and a bunch of other people for their help through this project... they have put up with answering my stupid questions for many months now :) Thanks also to the Toronto Supra Club. They have been a lot of fun to hang out with and very helpful when I need something. You couldn't ask for a much better club.

I can be contacted in the following ways:

Email:writesteve 'at' rogers 'dot' com
Forums: www.supraforums.com - 51Cards
www.supramania.com - 51Cards
www.i-supra.com - 51Cards
Clubs: Membership Director
Toronto Supra Club - www.torontosupraclub.com

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